Can cruises get cancelled due to bad weather?

On very RARE occasions, the Captain may cancel no later than 24 hours before departure if conditions require. You will be notified of cancellation 24 hours before departure. We do not cancel a cruise due to regular rain chances. Typically the rain passes and we have a fully enclosed lower deck to get out of the weather if needed.

You will be given the option to reschedule or get a gift certificate for a future cruise in the rare event of cancellation by the captain. If you purchased
Trip Protection (option is available during the booking process)  you can be refunded if the previous options are not to your liking.


Trip Protection is required to get a refund for any cancelled cruise with no exceptions. If without Trip Protection, you may call 24 hours before the cruise date to reschedule your cruise, if a situation arises where you cannot go. Call 321-999-1000 to reschedule. Further explanation follows below.

What if I cannot make it to the cruise or change my mind about going?

No shows will not be refunded for any reason since your space is reserved and your dinner will be purchased 24 hours before the cruise. Please call as SOON AS POSSIBLE if you know you cannot make the cruise. Weather forecasts do not count as refundable or rescheduling reasons for no-shows.

If you have Trip Protection purchased with your ticket, you have the option to reschedule your cruise or get a refund (minus credit card processing fees) if you call 24 before the cruise date. 

Do I need to buy a dinner ticket AND a sightseeing ticket to get the full experience?

No, if you buy a dinner ticket, the sightseeing comes with it. If you buy the sightseeing ticket, you can still access the full bar, but dinner will not be included on the cruise.

How early do I need to arrive before the advertised cruise times?

It is recommended to arrive between 1/2 hour to 1 hour before dock departure times. 

Is parking free or pay?

Parking is always free. But it is somewhat limited. If you are part of a group, we ask that you try to carpool as much as possible to allow other guests room to park at the marina.

How can I see a rocket launch on the cruise?

We do not advertise specific “rocket viewing” cruise dates on our site. Yet as the frequency of rocket launches increases, the chances of being on a cruise during a launch also increases. Click below to see NASA’s schedule and book accordingly. You may just have a front row seat to a launch while cruising!

Are minors allowed on the cruise?

Yes, children below 18 years old are welcome on the cruise. We ask that minors and groups of minors  be accompanied by at least one adult. We do not recommend bringing very young children or babies on the cruise.

What happens if it looks like it will rain before the cruise?

Central Florida is famous for its summer downpours. Thankfully these usually do not last long and the cruise can go on as planned. Cruise boat Charlotte has an enclosed, climate controlled main deck. Guests on all tickets can stay out of the weather if some rain is encountered on the cruise. We are cruising in natural Florida after all!